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Introduction—Before You Start Using This Printer

First of all, we’d like to thank you for acquiring a TRILAB printer. Before you begin using it, please familiarize yourself with the instructions here. We wrote this manual to help you avoid damaging your printer through improper handling and ensure that it provides you with the best prints possible.

Except when stated otherwise, none of the procedures shown here need any physical strain or force. Thus, if at any time during them you are pushing hard and nothing is happening, stop pushing and start re-reading this manual.

In any case where the manual doesn’t have the answers to your questions, please turn to our support team, who will give you the answers instead. You can reach them at

Safety Instructions

Your safety comes first, so when using this printer, please let yourself be guided by the following:

  • Only trained persons can operate this printer.
  • This printer can only be used under supervision. If you encounter any kind of malfunction or nonstandard behavior, interrupt the current print job and turn off the printer.
  • This printer uses a high-voltage power supply. Thus before accessing its power supply, always turn the printer off and disconnect its power cable.
  • This printer includes moving parts. Do not interact with the printer’s interior during printing. The printer may initiate movements without prior notice. This presents a risk of injury.
  • Adhere to the following values for proper printer operation:
    • Operating temperature 20 – 32 °C (68 – 90 °F)
    • Storage temperature 0 – 32 °C (32 – 90 °F)


Please read the contents of this installation guide and owner’s manual carefully. If you do not read this guide carefully, it can lead to poor results, the damaging of your TRILAB DeltiQ printer, or in the worst case, to injuries. Thus always ensure that everyone who will use your 3D printer has read, and is sufficiently familiarized with, the contents of this manual, so that they are able to use the TRILAB DeltiQ optimally and safely.

The conditions and methods that a specific user uses for the assembly, handling, storage, use, and disposal of this printer are outside of our control and can be beyond the scope of our knowledge. For this and other reasons, we exclude and explicitly reject responsibility for losses, injuries, damage, or costs that are the result of, or are in any way related to, the assembly, storage, usage, or disposal of this product.

The information presented here was obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable. Nevertheless, as far as their correctness is concerned, all information is provided without any kind of guarantee—either assumed or explicitly stated.

Abbreviations Used in This Manual

When reading this manual or communicating with support, you may encounter abbreviations designating the individual models of the printers we sell. An overview of these is provided below:

  • DQM – TRILAB DeltiQ M
  • DQL – TRILAB DeltiQ L
  • DQMN – TRILAB DeltiQ M with the Zesty Nimble direct drive extruder
  • DQLN – TRILAB DeltiQ L with the Zesty Nimble direct drive extruder
  • DQLN – TRILAB DeltiQ XL with the Zesty Nimble direct drive extruder

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