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Cheat sheet – standard printing procedure

Table of Contents
1) Introduction
2) Printer un-boxing and installation
3) Getting to know your TRILAB DeltiQ 2 printer
4) Making your first DeltiQ 2 print
5) Cheat sheet – standard printing procedure
6) How to use the DeltaControl display and application
7) How to use the WebControl online interface
8) Installing the printer on your own
9) Printer service procedures

  1. Turn the printer on with the rocker switch
  2. Start the DeltaControl display if it has been turned off.
  3. Wait until the status LED turns white
  4. Open the DeltaControl application and connect to the printer.
  5. Upload print data to a USB stick or through the WebControl web interface.
  6. Load your desired filament into the printer using the LOAD FILAMENT command
  7. After completing this macro command, allow the print head to cool – the LED will shine white
  8. Prep the PrintPad according to the type of print material used.
  9. Start printing using the DeltaControl display or WebControl interface.
  10. After printing, allow the hot end fan to cool off, then turn off the printer.