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Introduction – before you start using the printer

  1. Introduction – before you start using the printer
  2. Unpacking and installing the printer
  3. Getting to know the TRILAB AzteQ printer
  4. First printing with your AzteQ printer
  5. Cheat sheat – the usual printing procedure
  6. How to use the DeltaControl display and application
  7. How to use the WebControl online interface
  8. Printer self-installation
  9. Service tasks on the printer

Thank you for purchasing the TRILAB AzteQ printer. Before you start using it, please read these instructions carefully. They are intended to prevent your printer from being damaged by improper use and to help you to achieve the highest possible printing quality.

All the procedures herein do not require any excessive strength to be applied unless specified otherwise. Therefore, if you apply strength during a procedure to no avail, please refer to these instructions to see how to proceed correctly.

If these instructions do not provide any answers to your questions, please contact our customer support at

Safety instructions

Your safety is our utmost priority. Please observe the following instructions when using the printer:

  • The printer may only be used by trained persons.
  • The printer may only be operated under supervision. In the event of any failure or unusual performance of the printer, stop printing and turn the printer off.
  • The printer is supplied with high voltage. Always turn off the printer and disconnect the power supply cable before accessing the power supply.
  • The printer contains moving parts. Do not reach into the printer area while printing. The printer may begin to move without prior notice. There is a danger of injury.
  • Please adhere to the following figures for proper operation of the printer:
    • Operating temperature: 20–32 °C (68–90 °F)
    • Storage temperature: 0–32 °C (32–90 °F)

Printer Configuration

As the Trilab AzteQ printer is a modular, primarily replaceable printhead, a combination of physical and software configuration needs to be maintained. A configuration file is created for each printhead with the necessary information. By default, the configuration file is already uploaded to the printer by our technician during production. After ordering a new printhead, please, contact our technician at the Support Dpt to send you the configuration file for your printhead according to the identification label.

Note: Before swaping the printhead, it is necessary to upload the configuration file to the printer’s memory, see subchapter Settings, and select it in the dropdown menu. Only then you can swap the printhead with no worries.

Warning: If this procedure is not followed, there is a risk of causing a permanent damage to the printhead.

Emergency STOP

The printer is fitted with a read EMERGENCY STOP button under the control panel. When this button is pressed, the operation in progress, such as printing, is stopped immediately, the heating of the components is turned off and the movement of the printer is stopped. After a short break, the print head cooling ventilator is switched on again if the print head has been heated. This measure prevents the print head from becoming clogged. Therefore, do not turn off the printer immediately after using the EMERGENCY STOP button during printing.

The printer is restarted completely and is then ready for operation again. However, before that it is necessary to remove from the pad any material whose printing has been interrupted and prepare the pad again. If the printer shows unusual performance or damage or if any of its parts have disintegrated, please contact the supplier’s service department.


Please read this installation and user manual carefully. Unless you read this manual carefully, it may lead to at least bad quality results or to the TRILAB AzteQ printer being damaged or to bodily injury. Always make sure that any persons using this 3D printer have read and understood this manual so that they are able to use the TRILAB AzteQ printer safely and properly.

The conditions or methods used for assembly, handling, storage, operation or disposal of the device are outside our control and may be beyond our knowledge. For this reasons and for other reasons, we do not assume any liability and expressly disclaim any liability for any loss, injury, damage or costs resulting from or related to the assembly, handling, storage, operation or disposal of the product.

The information in this document has been obtained from sources which we consider to be reliable. However, as far as its accuracy is concerned, the information is provided without any expressly stated or implied liability.

Declaration of Conformity

To download the full PDF version, please use this link.

Product names and important terminology

AzteQ Dynamic – the basic version of the TRILAB AzteQ printer with a Bowden extruder

AzteQ Industrial – an upgraded version of the TRILAB AzteQ Dynamic with actively heated chamber

TRILAB PrintPad – a removable steel printing pad coated with powdered PEI

TRILAB PrintHead – an easily swapable magnetic printhead, availalbel various specifications

TRILAB PrintHead – vyměnitelné tiskové hlavy, dostupné s různou konfigurací dle tabulky níže

0.4 mm0.6 mm0.8 mm
LP – E3D V6, brassUA – E3D V6, brassZL – Volcano, brass
CU – Volcano, brassBN – Volcano, brassLT – Volcano, nozzle x (for abrasive materials)
MV – E3D V6, nozzle X (for abrasive materials)SL – Volcano, nozzle X (for abrasive materials)—–
DG – Volcano, nozzle X (for abrasive materials)—–—–